My First Blog Post

My name is Elizabeth Black and this is my first and honest attempt at maintaining a blog. I do this blog with no real agenda other than to show people that you can only be the best you can be. I want to do this blog to keep myself honest, to share my struggles, to share my accomplishments, and to just to show people that life is not graceful. It is awkward and hard and above all it’s beautiful.  I want to share my adventures with someone that is willing to listen. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired along the way. I’m not perfect and you will witness that quickly. I wish for this to be a place of understanding and growth. I don’t wish to judge anyone and hope that others will offer me the same respect.

I want this to be a place where I share how I start and complete my many projects. I am a Jaclyn of all trades and I have many hobbies. If you plan to keep in touch you’ll see everything from gardening, to baking, cooking, exercising, and everything else that I always have going on. I plan to share my personal struggles on this blog as well. I have suffered from anxiety, depression, and other chronic illnesses that have left me in some pretty sour places. I want to share my thoughts and experiences. I think this will be therapeutic for me, and if I’m lucky maybe I’ll be able to reassure anyone who feels some of the same ways that I do.

I have been lucky enough to be where I am today and it was not by only my own doing. A lot of it is thanks to my amazing husband. His support has been indispensable and I appreciate him more than he will ever know.  I’m not a particularly religious person. I do what feels right for myself and my family. That may not align with any one particular belief. I’m okay with that, and I hope you are too. The purpose of this blog is not to show you my religious beliefs, or to show you the way I lead my life in any religious manner. I want what any other mother wants, a happy and healthy family. I’m just willing to show you my path on how I think I will be able to get there.

Feel free to leave your own stories or feelings on these posts as well! Though, I may be horrible at replying to each comment in a timely manner.


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