Little Gnome Tends to the Garden


This is my son Raylend, He is 2 years old and my little gnome that helps tend to the garden.

I try to use what I can to help my garden and let’s face it… Gardening supplies are expensive!! So there are little things in the kitchen that can help a garden along. They are high in calcium and take quite a while to break down enough for the plants to use, but this can improve the soil for next season! the only equipment you’ll need is a grinder of some sort. Mixer, grinder, or mortar and pestle what ever you have that gets the job done will do. The process to get the egg shells ready is quite simple!

Empty egg shells must be washed to help rid of any extra egg inside. Once they are washed, leave them outside in the sun long enough to completely dry out. The next part is where the fun starts! Crunch your eggs shells up into whatever you’re using to grind them. (I have a coffee grinder from Winco that I purchased for about 10 dollars) My little gnome helper helped me crunch them up into the grinder. Once the grinder is full I ground the egg shells for about 30 seconds, or until the eggs were a fine powder. Raylend was very excited that the eggs changed form as you can see in the top picture. We then took the egg shells outside and placed them in the garden. What better way to tend to a garden than with the help of a little gnome helper!



He helps water the plants every other day!

20170309_171008After the garden was set up with its new calcium shower we watered the rest of the plants. I primarily tend to the vegetable garden since my son is to small to realize he shouldn’t step on the plants in the ground. So, I decided I would rectify that and create my little gnome his own potted flower garden. ย We had an extra space on the corner of my vegetable garden that would make for a perfect space for Raylend to have his own garden. Other than my help with initially placing the plants into the planters, all of the tending to the flower garden is done by Raylend.

This is also his play space. There are times that he will disrupt the soil by knocking over the pots or making mud out of the soil. I say be and let be. He will learn in time that patience and being gentle are vital characteristics for a successful garden, but for now let his imagination go! Let him be a kid and make the mud! Life is all about getting dirty with the hard work and enjoying the spoils that follow. I want him to learn that mistakes are going to be made with his garden. Trial and error. His flowers may die, they may not bloom, they may not produce next season. BUT they are always worth the time spent with my little one.

20170309_172015 (1)

This is the corner space that is going to made into Raylend’s garden. There is still plenty of work to be done until it’s finished.

the next two items to do for Raylend’s flower garden is to buy some more potters and seedlings to finish filling it out, and to make a garden fairy house. Each garden needs a fairy! what better way to invite a fairy than by making their home yourself out of love! And better yet, put inside a garden of such an amazing little garden gnome helper!! Pictures of our progress will be soon to follow!


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