Come on, make your mother proud!

So, for the entirety of this week my son and  I went on walks every morning and about every other afternoon, Monday through Friday. During the week my walks in the morning are pretty straight forward because I have to be into work soon thereafter. When I started taking these walks and getting into more of the habit of going I started noticing how much litter there was on the ground, so I took the initiative and planned for my Friday walk to be a bit shorter than normal to spend the morning going around the 0.8 mile circuit to tidy up the place.

I didn’t expect what my result was…

Going into my morning walk I figured since it was Saint Patrick’s day that maybe the leprechauns would be slightly more in my favor by trying to do a good deed and clean up what little I could in my neighborhood…I walked the 0.8 mile circuit twice, that way I could walk on both sides of the street. With me I brought along a tall kitchen trash bag as well as my gardening gloves, since I don’t own disposable gloves the gardening gloves  have a plastic gipping over all of the fingers and figured they were the safest alternative. I tied the bag onto the back of my jogging stroller and just picked up the litter that was on my walk. I filled up the tall kitchen trash bag 75% of the way full! In less than one mile within my neighborhood was almost an entire trash bag of litter(and I know I didn’t get everything). I was shocked and disgusted…

I don’t think that I can save the world by walking around and picking up some litter before I go on a walk before work in the morning. I’m not that naive. Apparently  I am naive enough to think that there would be enough respect for one’s self to clean up after yourself. I don’t mean for this to turn into a rant, but I saw a neglectful part of myself on Friday. Neglectful of my surroundings and choosing to be ignorant enough to choose not to do anything to help the place that I’ve called home my entire life.

I guess I would also be naive enough to ask for a call to action. I’m not asking to save the world. I’m asking for people to be wise enough to open their eyes and see the environment around themselves. I will initiate that call to action, for as long as I am going on my daily walks I will at least once a week pick up the trash on my route. I do intend to change my route around, to extend it, and keep it interesting. I’ll use this change of pace to change my path and clean up different routes throughout the weeks.

I don’t want my son to grow up in a place where throwing your waste in the front of someone else’s home is acceptable. I want to take pride in what my son will grow up to see and one day look back on. I may not save the world by picking up a bag’s worth of trash once or twice a week, but at least my sons home will be clean. I will take more pride in my community. What bad can come of that?







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