Kikimora and The Black Cat

So we have a new addition to the Black family!! Her name is Kikimora, and she is an 8-year-old rescue that we adopted through the Kern County Sox Rescue. I was given some information on how she was collected to be put into the rescue; she lived in a home with numerous other cats and … Continue reading Kikimora and The Black Cat


“If the Broom Fits” is born!

Hello all! For the last couple of months or so, my sister in law and I have been entertaining the idea of starting a podcast and blog centered around the theme of incorporating Wicca into additional areas of our lives as well as to serve as mentors to the many up and coming "baby witches" … Continue reading “If the Broom Fits” is born!

Gathering topics for a Pagan/Wiccan Podcast and blog

Hello all! My name is Elizabeth and I am searching for some topics for a Pagan/Wiccan podcast and blog. Wicca and Paganism have been ann ever-elusive subject that has been shrouded in mystery that has grown to become a large part of my Life as well as my families lives.  I've been studying Wicca/paganism for … Continue reading Gathering topics for a Pagan/Wiccan Podcast and blog